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Bookkeeping Services

All Industries
Daily • Weekly • Monthly

Set Up
All Industries
Per Client Request

  • Reconcile Operating Account

  • Reconcile Credit Card

  • Reconcile Trust Account

  • Record Income

  • Record Expenses

  • Adjust Journal Entries

  • Keep an Up-to-Date and Balanced Ledger

  • Prepare your accounting file from scratch

  • Create and map chart of accounts to the balance sheet and profit and loss statements

  • Create client trust ledger from scratch (new firms only)

  • Integrate banking system with accounting system

  • Integrate law firm software with accounting system

  • Set up accounts receivable process including billing and invoicing

  • Set up of accounts payable via credit card

Accounting Clean Up Services

Clean Up/Catch Up
All Industries
Per Client Request

  • Fix client payments and credits not applied correctly

  • Review Accounts Receivable aging summary

  • Fix vendor payments and credit not applied correctly

  • Reconcile previous months 

  • Locate discrepancies 

  • Reclassification transactions not applied correctly

  • Review chart of accounts

Trust Account Management

Trust Account Management
Law Firms Only
Per Client Request

  • Review current trust account ledger

  • Manage trust account

  • Record receipt of client payments

  • Record disbursements from trust accounts

  • Locate discrepancies in client ledgers/trust account

  • Integrate law firm software to accounting software

Payroll Services

All Industries
Per Client Request

Dash Bookkeeping partners with Gusto to provide top notch payroll services.

*For all other services industries please contact us @

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